Enka Women Disorder Love Story Scenery (2018)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 24.234 views

In the seventh year, Aki, the unknown uncle singer, If you can not sell within a month, your company is in danger of getting fired. Aki, who lost confidence from the start, I try to calm my mind and act out, but the sales of the music do not work out. That In an unfortunate situation, Aki and Fumio They do not reveal each other’s well-being while taking care of each other. On the other hand, Aki’s friend and motivator, Asuka, became a popular idol I am a completely different person from the days when I was working on my dreams. If it is for success, it does not hesitate to affair. Uchiyama, the manager who looked at the changed Asuka I unveil Asuka’s affair in the media. I can not sell the album in the end. The day Aki and Fumio were fired, Uchiyama confides to the president about Asuka’s scandal. Then, the president of the company is used as a pretext for the management difficulty of the company, and the company is bought. Aki wants to give up everything and start a new life With the help of Uchiyama, I will challenge Enka’s dream again. Through a new start, Aki confesses that he likes Fumio, Fumio also conveys his frank mind. The love for each other for seven years is finally one.

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