Girl And Mother In Law (2019)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 30.281 views

I have remarried with my stepmom Dad who has left the house because of another woman. The stepmother Reiko who was abandoned by father Yasuhiko, who lives alone, always grudges Reiko, grumbling his father. Reiko, who has no ability to work, sells to his neighbor Hirata and earns living expenses, Yasuhiko who does not tolerate it calls the stepmother a mop and insults her. Then one day, the runaway girl, Megu, Yasuhiko who brought her home She treats her dog as a dog, Reiko, who got to know it, tried to release Megu I am afraid of Yasuhiko’s retaliation and confine Megu again. Then, meta-hirata who knew the existence of Megu Reiko is not satisfied with it, and eventually swallowed Meguro. Let’s take a look at the Megurge, which has collapsed infinitely in Hirata’s fierce play. Yasuhiko, who started to run rampant, will hurt Hirata who was at home.


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