Sex of Widow (2019)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 20.689 views

Mitsuru, who died in a sudden accident, speaks with a heartfelt gratitude at his 49th birthday. I am sorry for my wife who was sexless, my irresponsible and shameless brother, Wakako is a sister-in-law who opened his heart only to himself. Mitsuru watches his family through 49 ashes While I am disappointed with their original appearance, I realize that only Wakako is truly sad. Even though I was aware of Wakako in my life, I regret it late because I can not approach it. That Rende Wakako expresses sadness by acting beyond Mitsuru’s expectations, The whole family wants to go to Mitsuru who died first together. Wakako smiles at the priesthood with the lighters turned on after smearing and oiling the gathered families. This happened to Mitsuru’s 49th. But the story I mentioned earlier Wakako is a novel written by moving his delusions, Mitsuru, who accidentally read this, is afraid of Wakako Wakako tries to make the novel a reality.


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